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Urticalcin Tablets

Calcium Adsorbtion Tablets

A homeopathic medicine that aids in alleviating the tendency to calcium deficiency by promoting the absorption of calcium.

Assists in treating brittle nails and hair loss as well as promoting the healing of fractures. Use during pregnancy and nursing.

Mode of action

  • Urtica dioica: has a high content of minerals including silica.
  • Silicea: counteracts disturbances of hair and nail growth.
  • Calcium carbonicum: acts as a tonic in the homoeopathic treatment of calcium deficiency.
  • Calcium phosphorica: counteracts disturbances in the development of teeth and bones.
  • Natrium phosphorica: helps counteract acidity.


Adults and children over 12 years:
Dissolve 2 tablets three times daily under the tongue 30 minutes before meals.

Children 6-12 years:
Dissolve 1 tablet three times daily under the tongue 30 minutes before meals.

Children 2-6 years:
Crush or dissolve 1/2 tablet three times daily under the tongue 30 minutes before meals. * Silicea is known to promote elimination of foreign bodies; implants etc. Use with caution and/or under medical supervision if applicable.


Ingredient Homeopathic Clinical Indication*
Calcium carbonicum D4 (Calcium carbonate) For difficult teething, and during periods of rapid growth, and conditions arising from poor assimilation and ossification of bones.
Calcium phosphoricum D6 (Calcium phosphate) Essential for growth and nutrition of the body but specifically for nutritional support of blood plasma, connective tissue, teeth and bones. Indicated during increased periods of nutritional demand such as adolescence, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Specifically used for growing pains, problems during teething, anaemia and to support healing of fractures and periosteal injury.
Natrium phosphocricum D6 (Sodium phosphate) For conditions associated with excessive acidity such as gout, rheumatism dyspepsia, and dermatitis acting as a buffer in intracellular and intestinal fluid.
Silicea D6 (Quartz) Promotes nutritional status by supporting the assimilation of nutrients. Essential nutrient for healthy hair, nails, skin, connective tissue and periosteum. Specifically useful for weak, brittle nails, joint pains and brittle bone.
Urtica D1 (Nettle) Nutrient dense, containing absorbable forms of silica, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin K. Indicated for gout and high uric acid levels, rheumatic pains and rheumatism.
Urticalcin Tablets

Urticalcin Tablets

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