Anti-Toxin Formula

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Anti-Toxin Formula

A homoeopathic medicine which assists in promoting the function of the digestive and eliminatory organs thereby helping to eliminate toxins.

Assists the body to rid itself of toxins. Pesticide poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, after effects of chronic prescriptions, skin rashes, headaches and painful body.

Mode of action

  • This preparation focuses on stimulating a wide group of organs: the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and digestive system, thus aiding the body in eliminating toxins.


Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 10 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals.

Children 6-12 years:
Take 5 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals.


Ingredient Homeopathic Clinical Indication*
Allium sativum D6 (Garlic) Acts on mucous membranes promoting peristalsis and elimination of excess mucous. Supports liver function and addresses dyspepsia and the consequences of gluttony and excessive consumption of meat.
Alumina D12 (Aluminum) Supports bowel movement in extreme constipation with dry mucous membranes and weakened peristalsis. Promotes secretions as a form of elimination and detoxification. Indicated for neurological weakness from exposure to toxins and metals.
Berberis vulgaris D3 (Barberry) Supports action of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. Indicated for low back pain of kidney origin, development of kidney stones, and inflammatory conditions of the liver and gallbladder.
Flor de Piedra D6 (Flor de Piedra) Supports flow of bile and liver function in general. Indicated for fatigue, mental dullness and nausea of liver origin.
Hedera helix D3 (Common Ivy) Supportive action on all mucous membranes, the lymphatic circulation and glands.
Lycopodium clavatum D6 (Club moss) A major homeopathic remedy for supporting insufficiency of the digestive system and liver.
Magnesium carbonicum D12 (Magnesium carbonate) A supportive remedy for the digestive system and mucous membranes.
Mandragora officinarum D6 (Mandrake) Supportive action on the digestive system including specifically the stomach, duodenum, liver and gallbladder with specific actions against the negative effects of alcohol and tobacco.
Okoubaka aubrevillei D3 (Okoubaka) Indicated for conditions occurring as a result of in toxification e.g. from drugs, medicines, tobacco and nicotine.
Phytolacca decandra D3 (Pokeroot) A remedy for detoxification of the glands and lymphatic system. Indicated for swelling and congestion of the lymphatic tissues in the throat, breast and tonsils.
Tilia europaea D3 (Linden) Supports elimination and detoxification action of the body through the skin via sweating.
Urtica dioica Ø (Stinging nettle) Traditionally used as a blood purifier and diuretic. Supports detoxification and elimination through the kidneys.
Anti-Toxin Formula

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