Many minor health conditions such as colds and flu are suitable for self-treatment. However, if you are worried about any health condition, it is always advisable to have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor or other healthcare practitioner in order to obtain a diagnosis and treatment advice. Alternatively tou can utiliaze the A.Vogel Remedy Finder.


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We’re living in stressful times

Stress impacts your concentration, your sleep, immune system and digestion. To help you navigate stressful times, A.Vogel can help.

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Prostasan Capsules

BPH most commonly manifests with bladder symptoms such as frequent urination, a need to urinate at night, poor urine flow and dribbling. See our page enlarged prostate for more information on benign prostatic hypertrophy.



Menoforce tablets have become one of the most popular menopause treatments, gaining a reputation as a simple way of helping deal with excessive sweating, hot flushes and night sweats during the menopause as well as other menopausal symptoms.