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Four ways to healthy holidays

Summer in South Africa.

Four words that conjure up images of fun in the sun, relaxation, friends, family, braais, beaches, parties, delicious food, road trips, Christmas and New Year’s.

What doesn’t normally spring to mind is getting sick or being anything less than well over summer holidays. Yet we tend to put our bodies through quite a test this time of year. We eat and drink more than normal, braai a lot, have more late nights and (for some of us) party more frequently.


How often do we arrive back from holidays beaming from the great time we’ve had, but physically feeling like we’ve survived the ultimate physical endurance test and needing a jolly good detox? Yet we don’t have to wait till January to repair the damage.

Here are 4 handy ways to stay naturally well on holiday so you don’t start 2017 feeling like a wrung out rag;

Support your filters

Everything you eat and drink has to pass through the body’s filters, the liver and kidneys. During the holiday feast-ivities these organs are required to work a lot harder than normal.

ocynara and Nephrosolid make a big difference in how your liver and kidneys cope with the good times. The better condition they’re in, the less bloated, tired and sluggish you’ll feel. Made in Switzerland, each tonic contains herbs specifically chosen by Alfred Vogel to benefit, detox and support the function of the body’s filters. Boldocynara supports the liver and gall bladder, Nephrosolid the kidneys and bladder.

Stay balanced

This is the season of braais and snacks, mince pies and chocolates, tins of shortbread, glasses of bubbly and festive cocktails. Where we can’t resist the treats and an extra helping is more than acceptable. Except these sugary treats, meat, baked goods, cold drinks and alcohol cause acidity, leaving your body working hard to counteract it. Constantly raised acid levels lead to fatigue, headaches, aching muscles and joints, gout, heartburn and other niggles. A daily dose of clinically proven Multiforce Alkaline Powder gives your body the alkaline minerals – calcium, magnesium and potassium – it needs to counteract this acid and maintain our optimal internal pH levels.


Reduce your cabin pressure

Jetting off for the holidays? Did you know one in five people suffer from a cold or flu within days of flying? It’s thought that the low relative humidity on planes interrupts our mucociliary clearance system, the thin layer of mucus and tiny hairs in the nose. Normally viruses and bugs get trapped in this system and moved to the throat where they are swallowed and destroyed by acid in the stomach. In the dry cabin air, this system isn’t as effective and bacteria and viruses have a better chance of infecting you. Plus, you’re also at risk if you come into contact with other travelers who are sick or if you touch infected surfaces and then touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

A.Vogel Sore Throat Spray is a fantastically handy spray formulation of fresh echinacea and sage extracts. Use it frequently during flying to get the scientifically proven antiviral, antibacterial and immune modulating effect of Echinaforce and protection against cold and flu bugs. If you do get a sore or dry throat you’ll also benefit from the anti-inflammatory, pain reducing and soothing effects of the sage.

Beware the summer cold (and other hazards)

Surely colds are a winter problem? Colds circulate year round and interestingly summer cold viruses are more virulent than their winter counterparts meaning they can be harder to shake. Also with lots of late nights, alcohol and fewer fruits and vegetables on our plates, our immune systems can take a dip over the holidays.

So having Echinaforce drops every day is a must to ensure you support your immune system and ward off cold viruses. Yes, there are tablets too, but we’ve specifically mentioned drops here because they have a very handy dual purpose - made from organically grown echinacea plants and being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, Echinaforce drops are also an excellent first aid treatment for cuts, scratches and grazes which are all part of the summer fun.

An added bonus!

An added bonus is that these products are all quite small so they’ll will fit snugly into your vanity case or handbag leaving plenty of space for souvenirs or gifts. Here’s to happy, healthy holidays!



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