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Don’t have a sluggish start to summer

With summer around the corner, you might be wishing your body had a ‘refresh’ button to kickstart it into that healthy ‘full of energy’ feeling again.

If you have that sluggish feeling your body is talking to you, saying it needs some detoxifying support.

Detoxification is not a ‘fad’ or a quick fix diet. Your body cleans and detoxifies itself 24 hours a day, so supporting the liver and kidneys which are responsible for the elimination of waste and toxins and maintaining good health, is important.

The regulating and filtering action

The body’s health is dependent on the regulating and filtering action of both the liver and kidneys and renowned Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel paid particular attention to these organs.

Vogel called the liver the regulator of the body. Each and every chemical process in the blood starts with enzymes that emanate mostly from the liver. The liver not only cleans the blood, it also produces cholesterol, gall, hormones and enzymes. It stores iron and glucose for future needs as well as vitamins A, B, D, E and K.

  • The kidneys work continuously with the liver to purify the blood of waste products and material that can be toxic.
  • They also ensure there is not too much water in the blood otherwise the volume of blood becomes too high for the small arteries and high blood pressure may result.
  • Another important kidney function is to expel acid from the blood, which helps to regulate its acid/alkaline balance.
  • You need to drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres of water daily to help the kidneys - enough to produce clean urine at least once a day.

So how do you support these organs?

Drinking lots of fresh water, every day, is a good start. Exercise, such as a daily 30 minute walk that gets your heartrate up is also beneficial to your metabolism and increasing your energy levels.

Eating less processed foods and more fresh vegetables and fruits is a must. And a course of Alfred Vogel’s two excellent organic, fresh plant herbal tonics, Boldocynara for the liver and Nephrosolid for the kidneys will gently detox, cleanse and support these hardworking organs.

A.Vogel Boldocynara

A.Vogel Boldocynara liver and gallbladder drops consist of extracts of four different fresh herbs. The main ingredient is cynara scolymus (artichoke) a plant that Vogel considered one of the best liver cleansers. Cynara helps to get the gall flowing, regulates cholesterol and helps stimulate liver function while being a tonic for the liver at the same time. Taraxacum (dandelion), boldo and peppermint help to support the cleansing action in the liver by gently assisting with digestion, flatulence, spastic colon and constipation.

A. Vogel Nephrosolid

A. Vogel Nephrosolid kidney and bladder drops are also made from extracts of four different fresh herbs: Solidago (golden rod) is the main ingredient and has an antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary tract. It is very efficient for bladder problems, with the potential to prevent kidney stones and even assist in excreting existing ones.

Betula pendula, Equisetum and Ononis spinosa make up the rest of the herbal formula that helps to fight acidity and regulates water levels.

Revitalise the liver and kidneys

To revitalise the liver and kidneys Alfred Vogel had all his patients use Boldocynara and Nephrosolid three times a day for six weeks. For good cleansing or detoxification, do this three or four times per year.

People who take regular chronic medication would benefit from taking Boldocynara and Nephrosolid three times per day for six weeks, after which it should be taken once a day to support the liver and kidneys to process residue from the medication.

There is a big difference however between a liver and kidneys that are ill or diseased, and organs that are overworked, slow and struggling with reduced function.

If the liver and kidneys have deteriorated seriously, you must consult a healthcare professional for diagnosis and help.

The information in this article, based on advice from Dr Vogel, is to help you keep these two vital organs healthy with the aim of preventing problems from developing.



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