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Liver and kidneys trying to tell you something?

There's a pill for everything...or is there?

How many of us take our health for granted?  We spend our days immersed in the busy-ness of life– organising the children and school schedules, running our homes, getting through the working day and being a friend, wife, daughter, mother and colleague that we don’t have time to think about our health.  If a niggle crops up, we look for a quick fix.

There’s a tablet for the headache, heartburn, indigestion, high blood pressure, constipation, prolonged moodiness and irritability….you name it, you’ll find a tablet for it that will suppress the symptoms and not interrupt our busy lives.

  • The question though is, do we ever stop to ask why we got the headache in the first place?
  • What is the reason for the heartburn or constipation?
  • Do we ever stop to consider the possible causes of our little niggles, starting with the basics like our diets, our stress levels, sleep and general lifestyles?

Listen to your body

More often than not we don’t. We take something to stop the problem instead of stopping to listen to our bodies.  Because our bodies are talking to us every day and telling us when things aren’t right.  Your body does not lie, ever.

Liver and Kidney Signs

Take the liver and kidneys, the organs that clean the body of waste material.  They are talking to us constantly using a very clever language of signals if they are overloaded and in need of support.  The signs they give you include:

•    a lack of energy,
•    constant headaches
•    a bitter taste in the mouth
•    dull and dark skin
•    puffy or red, itchy eyes
•    waking up often between 2 and 3 am for no reason.
•    pain down the right side of your body that you can’t explain
•    sweaty and smelly feet 
•    high blood pressure,
•    sore joints and muscles,
•    pain on top of the head, behind the neck, along the spine
•    swollen eyes after sleep,
•    swollen ankles
•    smelly or dark urine
•    pain on the inside of the left leg, pain behind the knees
•    eczema or fungus infections underneath your feet.

A combination of two or more of these symptoms when there is no serious other illness are very often signs that these two filtering organs need some support.

What exactly are they asking for?

Fresh Fruit

Look at your diet.  How much of what you eat consists of fresh (preferably raw whenever possible) fruit and vegetables?  How much sugar, processed foods, stodgy, creamy sauces, alcohol, breads, pastries, pasta do you eat in a week?

Do you exercise?

Exercise, even brisk walking for 20 minutes a day helps the digestive system, raises the heart rate and gets blood flowing better and helps the body remove toxins more efficiently.

How much water do you drink every day?

Not sparkling or flavoured water or coffee or tea, but filtered clean still water.  Your body needs at least 1,5 - 2 litres of it every day for the liver and kidneys to do their filtering and cleaning work effectively. Without it over time they struggle to clear the body of toxins and become sluggish. That’s when the little niggles described above start.

Help your liver and kidneys

To help your liver and kidneys try A.Vogel’s Boldocynara and Nephrosolid, two highly effective natural tonics.  Just 15 drops, three times a day until the little bottles are finished will give these two organs a refreshing and gentle cleanse and support their function.  A busy GP in Pretoria reports very positive results in all the patients he gives these products to, with clinical tests showing improved kidney function after a course of Nephrosolid in particular.

The organic herbs that Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel used to formulate these two tonics are well known for their cleansing action. Once your filtering organs, which Alfred Vogel regarded as the regulators of the body’s health, are functioning better you may suddenly notice that all those little niggles like unexplained headaches, restless sleep, lack of energy and puffy face, hands and ankles cease to exist.

Now you will have learned a new language, that of your body’s!



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