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Rheumatism Formula

Muscular Rheumatism Drops

A homoeopathic medicine which assists in the treatment of muscular rheumatism (fibrosis or fibromyalgia). Painful muscles, polymyalgia, gout, fibrositis, sciatica, neuralgia, pain after shingles.

Mode of action

  • Rhus toxicodendron, Ledum palustre, Xanthoxylum fraxineum, Bryonia cretica and Veratrum viride: are effective in the treatment of rheumatism.
  • Rhus toxicodendron and Bryonia cretica: are used in the treatment of joint pain.
  • Ledum palustre: is effective in the treatment of gout.
  • Xanthoxylum fraxineum and Bryonia cretica: assist in relieving the pain associated with neuralgia.
  • Solidago virgaurea and Apocynum androsaemifolium: support the function of the kidneys, thereby increasing the elimination of uric acid, amongst other substances.


Ingredient Homeopathic Clinical Indication*
Apocynum androsemifolium D6 (Dogbane) Rheumatic pains which constantly change in location with trembling and weakness of muscles. Swelling, cramps and burning in soles of feet with pain in toes.
Berberis vulgaris D6 (Common Barberry) Rheumatic conditions with associated kidney weakness, acidity and gout. Lumbar back pain extending down the legs with stiffness. Radiating or stitching rheumatic pains.
Bryonia alba D3 (Bryony) Stitching or tearing rheumatic pains which are aggravated by the slightest motion and improve at rest or from bracing or direct pressure/support. Arthritic conditions of synovial joints with morning pain and stiffness.
Cimicifuga racemosa D6 (Black cohosh) General rheumatic muscle soreness and aching in limbs with hypersensitivity of spine and neck. Pain in the lumbar and sacral region which extends down thighs and hips. Rheumatism at menopause and fibomyalgia.
Kalmia latifolia D6 (Mountain laurel) Rheumatic conditions with shooting, neuralgic like pains and/or numbness and stiffness. Spinal nerve conditions with neuralgic pain of lumbar origin or from neck down the arm.
Ledum palustre D3 (Marsh tea) Rheumatism of fibrous tissue, tendons and heels. Gout of small joints and feet with uric acid or arthritic nodules in joints and soft tissue. Painful soles of feet.
Rhus tox D30 (Poison oak) Rheumatic conditions affecting tendons, ligaments and fascia. Rheumatic pain and stiffness which is worse in cold, wet weather and improved by local heat. Stiffness and pain is worse on beginning to move and after rest. Sciatica with lower back pain and tendonitis from overuse.
Solidago D3 (Goldenrod) Kidney related lower back pain and rheumatic pains associated with kidney dysfunction. Rheumatism of the lower limbs and thighs with sensation of lameness.
Veratrum viride D6 (White American hellebore) Painful aching in the neck, back and shoulders, with severe muscle pain with twitching and spasms. Neuralgic pains in limbs.


Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 10 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals. Discontinue once improvement occurs.

Children 6-12 years:
Take 5 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals.

Children 2-6 years:
Take 2 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals.

In acute/severe cases:
Take the relevant number of drops according to your/your child’s age hourly, gradually reducing frequency as improvement occurs, or as directed by your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider.

Rheumatism Formula

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