Petadolor Analgesic Formula

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Petadolor Analgesic Formula

A homoeopathic medicine for the relief of pain due to neuritis, neuralgia, headaches, toothache, colic, menstrual cramps, as well as muscular pains and spasms. All kinds of pain, neuralgia after shingles, nerve pain anywhere in the body, headaches, toothache, spasms, colic, cramps, menstrual cramps, pain in the muscles.

Mode of action

  • Colocynthis, Aconitum, Cimicifuga and Hypericul: are used for the relief of pain from neuralgia as well as toothache.
  • Colocynthis and Petasites: effective in relieving pain from cramps and spasms.
  • Colocynthis and Mandragora: are used for the relief of pain from gallbladder and renal colic.
  • Mandragora, Bryonia, Cimicifuga, Paris, Conium and Viscum: are effective in the treatment of headaches.
  • Bryonia, Cimicifuga and Ruta: counteract joint and muscle pain.
  • Passiflora and Viscum: assist in soothing the nervous system.


In acute cases take 10 drops on the tongue every 15 minutes(for 6 dosages) then reduce to every hour (for 6 dosages). As improvement occurs, reduce to 4 times daily.

This product contains medicinal alcohol which will evaporate once added to a little lukewarn water.


Colocynthisis D6, Mandragora e radice D6, Bryonia D6, Hypericum, Paris quadrifolia D6, Viscum album, Petasites off. D6, Aconitum napellus D6, Cimifuga D6, Passiflora, Ruta graveolens D3, Conium maculatum D6.
In equal parts.

Alcohol content: 56% v/v

Petadolor Analgesic Formula

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