Neuroforce Formula

Nerve Tonic drops

Neuroforce Formula
  • Passiflora incarnate, Avena sativa, Cypripedium & China: Indicated in the treatment of nervous sleeplessness and restlessness.
  • Avena sativa, Cocculus and Selenium: Effective in the treatment of nervous exhaustion after over-exertion.
  • Zincum met., Phosphorus and Asarum: Counteract hypersensitivity of the sensory organs associated with nervousness.
  • Hypericum perf., Ignatia, Staphisagria, Sepia and Agnus: Help counteract mild depression and emotional changes such as irritability and tearfulness.

A homeopathic medicine which assists with the treatment of mild anxiety, nervous stress and mental fatigue.

A tonic to help balance the nervous system during stressful and emotional periods and during recovery from trauma and shock.

A nerve tonic during stress, exams, divorce/separation, worry, grief, anger and resentment.

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