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Stress tips

I’m a bag of nerves, irritable and jumpy, and I can’t seem to concentrate properly anymore.

Take a deep breath.

In fact, take several. Breathing exercises are very steadying and help reduce the release of inflammatory and pain-causing chemicals from the brainstem. Also anything that stimulates your circulatory system will keep oxygen flowing to the brain, which needs it in order to work well!

Cut out caffeine

Cut out or at least cut down on the caffeine – coffee, tea and fizzy drinks should be ruthlessly suppressed to give your suffering adrenal glands a break. Try green or white tea, or calming teas such as lemon balm, and Bambu coffee substitute.

Overhaul your diet

Have a quick overhaul of your diet and see how much refined sugar has crept in – this is also bad for irritated nerves, as it causes blood sugar swings that take your mood along for the ride.

Try a combination of B vitamins and magnesium supplements to feed your adrenal glands and nervous system.



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