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Videos about Alfred Vogel and the A.Vogel brand

There are numerous historic photos, speeches and films of Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) Watch three original films dating from the 1970s (in German) showing the pioneer of natural health delivering one of his many speeches, skiing and hiking.

Alfred Vogel was also an exceptionally gifted and inspiring speaker

Alfred Vogel often spoke effortlessly for two to three hours. His talks were a fascinating experience, with striking examples and accounts from his personal experiences with a wide variety of health conditions. These events were often attended by as many as 1,000 people. (Regret: Talks are in German only!)

Estie Schreiber shares her knowledge about Alfred Vogel and Echinaforce®

In this seven part series, Estie Schreiber from SA Natural Products shares with us her knowledge of Alfred Vogel, his meeting with Ben Black Elk and how Echinaforce® was formulated. Also, learn more about the research behind Echinaforce® and it's effects on the immune system.

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    Leading a healthy and happy life

    Understanding why nature is just about the best thing we’ve got!

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    Pioneer in natural health

    “Health is life in harmony with nature” Alfred Vogel

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    Fresh Effective

    Which is better, fresh or dry? Find the answer here...

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    Remembering the Nature Doctor

    A conversation with
    Denise Vogel

  • The Thinker

    "I'm not a rebel , only consistent!" Alfred Vogel said about himself.
    His love for nature and man was the driving force and source of strength for his commitment over many decades.

  • Plants are gifts from nature

    Plants: Man's benefactor

    Lesson 4: Learn to live a long life

  • The researcher

    The good experiences, Alfred Vogel has collected over the course of his lifetime of researching is immense, and his services to the Naturopathy has been honored many times.

  • Nature as the univercity

    100 Years of good health

    The dangers of smoking

  • The Nutritional Therapist

    Alfred Vogel, author of "The food as a healing factor", has always seen himself as a Nutritional Therapist. You are what you eat - was his life's conviction!

  • Eating and drinking

    Lunch - not so!

    Each week a good week

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    Alfred Vogel

    Estie Schreiber gives us an insight into who Alfred Vogel was.

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    Ben Black Elk

    Learn more about the significance of this historical meeting.

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    Ever wondered how long it took Vogel to formulate Echinaforce®?

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    Learn about the effects of Echinaforce® on the immune system.

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    Long term use

    Can Echinaforce® be used long term?
    Learn more.

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    Have you had your flu vaccine? Watch, then decide!

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    Echinaforce® Junior

    Learn why we can trust Echinaforce® all year round.