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Acne Formula
For the treatment of acne and acne rosacea
Allergy Formula
A Homeopathic formulation for hay fever and skin allergies
Anti-Appetite Formula
Supports healthy weight reduction
Anti-Toxin Formula
Helping to eliminate toxins
Arnica D6
For physical injury, trauma and shock
Arthritis Formula
For the treatment of arthritis and associated symptoms
Asthma Formula
For the adjunctive management of chronic asthma and the signs and symptoms thereof
Bladder Irritation Formula
Supportive treatment of irritable bladder conditions
Cellulite Formula
For the supportive treatment of cellulite, management of healthy weight and regulation of [...]
Circulation Formula
Cold Formula
Concentration Formula
Drops for concentration and restlessness
Cough Formula
Cough Drops
Eczema Formula
Eczema Drops
Diarrhoea, cramp and flatulence tablets
Haemorrhoid Formula
Haemorrhoid Drops
Immunoforce Formula
Indigestion Formula
Heartburn and indigestion drops
Flu Drops
Liver and Gall Bladder Formula
Menopause Formula
Menstruation Formula
Menstruation Drops
Migraine Formula
Migraine Drops
Nervousness Insomnia Formula
Drops for nervousness and restlessness
Neuroforce Formula
Nerve Tonic drops
Petadolor Analgesic Formula
Analgesic Drops
Pollinosan Formula
Hey Fever Drops
Pollinosan Tablets
Hayfever Tablets
Prostate Formula
Prostate Drops
Rheumatism Formula
Muscular Rheumatism Drops
Sinuforce Formula
Sinusitis Drops
Sinuforce Tablets
Sinusitis Tablets
Urticalcin Tablets
Calcium Adsorbtion Tablets

Bloating, cramping, wind, constipation?

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and digestive complaints are becoming one of the most common causes of health problems in the Western World. An estimated 10 – 20% of people worldwide are affected and women are more prone to it. In fact, nearly 40% of women between 25 and 65 years old experience embarrassing and uncomfortable digestive problems. Try Molkosan for better digestive health.


Struggling with acidity?

A multimineral supplement that helps support the body’s pH regulating mechanisms.


Need immune support?

Echinaforce® helps prevent and treat colds, flu, and upper respiratory tract infections. Used daily it gives you year round immune support.