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Put ten drops into water and breathe in deeply.  Po-Ho is one of the classic natural remedies for chills, catarrh and colds.  This powerful, pleasant smelling mixture of essential oils also helps headaches and muscle tension.

Alfred Vogel praised Po-Ho oil many times well into old age.  Its strengths are the highly effective essential oils with their wide ranging benefits. Essential oils have enjoyed great popularity for a long time – whether for their stimulating variety of scents for every room, as a massage oil, for inhalation or as a healing remedy in aromatherapy. 

The number of essential oils with their diverse perfumes, which can be used for many different purposes, has risen considerably.  There is a scent for every emotional state, every room and for every time of day – which is good.

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Caraway and Co.

Traditional Po-Ho oil is the classic amongst oils.  The essential oils, produced from fresh plants as are practically all A.Vogel products, are mixed with water and distilled.  A floating layer separates off in the distillate: the insoluble aromatic substances, the pure essential oil.  The contents of the small, plain, green A.Vogel Po-Ho oil bottle are an indispensable aid for chills, catarrh and colds as well as coughs.  Po-Ho oil contains the essential oils of peppermint [Po-Ho is (Mandarin) Chinese for peppermint] , eucalyptus, juniper berries, caraway and fennel.  On the strength of this natural combination, the oil has anti phlegm, anti viral, anti inflammatory qualities as well as the ability to stimulate (blood) circulation.

The use of Po-Ho oil is so straightforward that the use of an instruction leaflet is almost unnecessary: for inhalation (in case of colds and chills) 10 drops of Po-Ho oil in hot water is sufficient; put a towel over your head and breathe in deeply.  For sinus problems it is recommended to use the handy A.Vogel inhaler.  For acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, warm some water to about 70°C, half fill the inhaler, add 5-10 drops of Po-Ho oil and breathe in the resulting steam slowly through the mouth and nose for 10-15 minutes.

For a cold, it is recommended to rub 3-5 drops under the nose or on to a handkerchief.  For headaches, if you massage the temples slowly with a few drops of Po-Ho oil, it will bring about very quick relief.  Anyone suffering from muscle tension would do well to rub a few drops on to the affected areas.  While doing this, put Po-Ho oil into an oil or incense burner and soon a wonderfully refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus scent will spread round the entire room.

A propos headaches

Various studies have shown that peppermint oil, applied to the affected area, offers alternative pain relief for headaches.  Results of research, carried out at the pain clinic in Kiel (Germany) by Professor Dr H. Göbel, confirm these results.  In one study, the effectiveness of a 100% peppermint solution was recently compared to placebo, paracetamol and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).  It showed that peppermint oil, applied to the forehead and temples in tension headaches, significantly reduced the pain in comparison to the placebo.  What is more, the effect of paracetamol and aspirin was comparable.  In children too peppermint oil proved to be a comparable alternative to conventional pain remedies.

A.Vogel – No 1 for Flu and colds

A.Vogel Po-Ho oil is only one of many reliable A.Vogel remedies for colds and flu.  Alongside the best known, Echinaforce tincture and tablets, the range includes A.Vogel sinus spray, A.Vogel sinus tablets, reliable cough syrup (for adults and children).  Keep colds at a distance during the cold season!  A.Vogel can help.

Po-Ho Inhaler

Po-Ho Inhaler

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