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Body Care

7 Herb Cream

  • Healing cream. Useful for all skin problems
  • Eczema, psoriasis, acne and rashes
  • Also effective on fungal infections and warts

Echinacea Cream

  • Has all the benefits of Echinacea
  • Heals, reduces inflammation
  • Good on problem skin, grazes and cuts

Echinacea Toothpaste

  • Echinacea toothpaste is a herbal toothpaste containing the fresh herbal extracts of Echinacea as well as other high grade essential oils

Symphytum Cream

  • Comfrey has been known for its anti-ageing properties for many years
  • Good as a moisturiser for older skin or sun damaged skin
  • Excellent for bruises

St. Johns Tissue Oil

  • Can be used on shingles, burns, wounds to accelerate healing
  • Can be used as a basic skin tonic, as well as hair

A.Vogel body care range is safe for all ages and is free of harmful chemical additives.

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