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Mood tips

My mood has dipped and it’s harder to feel cheerful or optimistic. I’m not that keen on the dark nights and grey weather, but moving abroad seems a bit extreme!

Get out in the daylight

Try to get out in the daylight hours each day, even if the quality of that daylight is pretty uniformly grey and damp! It helps your pineal gland to get some light exposure regularly.

Get outside anyway, even if it’s in the dark, for some oxygenated exercise to brisk you up and stir the blood.


If you can’t face the cold and wind, at least commit to some form of exercise most days, as jumping about liberates happy chemicals called endorphins, that cheer you up. If you can’t physically jump, crawl, waddle or twitch gently, any movement is better than none!

Light box or daylight bulb

Try a light box or at the very least a daylight bulb in your office or sitting room, to lighten the gloom as much as possible. A daybreak-simulating alarm clock may change the quality of your mornings for the better.



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